Custom Pistol Work

Custom Pistol Services

Lead times and prices subject to change without notice.

Handgun Gunsmithing

  • Trigger Tuning Glock, Smooth trigger action only (does not change release weight) $45
  • Glock, install new connector (part not included) $25
  • Glock, install Ghost Rocket connector with over-travel stop (part not included) $45
  • Springfield XD, smooth trigger action only (does not change take-up, over-travel or release weight) $65
  • Springfield XD, install Springer Precision trigger kit, for duty/carry use (trigger kit not included) $75
  • Springfield XD, install Springer Precision trigger kit, for COMPETITON USE OLNY (trigger kit not included) $100
  • S&W M&P, install apex trigger kit (labor) $75
  • Install spring kit (Glock, S&W, Springfield, 1911)(spring kit not included) $35
  • 1911 trigger job $125
  • Sig Sauer trigger job (includes spring kit) $125
  • Browning Hi-Power trigger job, with magazine disconnect removed $125
  • HK trigger spring kit installation (spring kit not included) $75
  • HK LEM trigger installation (Trigger kit not included) $75

Sight Installation

  • Install factory fit sight set (no machining required, sights purchased here) $25
  • Install factory fit sight set (no machining required, sights NOT purchased here) $35
  • Install stake on front sight (not night sight) $65
  • Additional cost to machine out sight if sight cannot be removed conventionally $45
  • Machine side for front sight dovetail fit $65
  • Machine slide for Novak or Heinie rear sight $95
  • Machine slide for Bo-Mar rear sight $145
  • Install pined revolver front sight $35
  • Install adjustable revolver rear sight blade (part included) $25
  • Drill and tap sight base hole (PER HOLE) $35

Pistol Safeties

  • Install gunsmith fit beavertail grip safety – specify Ed Brown or Wilson type (requires fitting of safety and frame) $95
  • Install drop-in beavertail grip safety $45
  • Install standard 1911 thumb safety $50
  • Install ambidextrous 1911 thumb safety (if grip does not require modification) $65
  • Install ambidextrous 1911 thumb safety (if grip does require modification) $85
  • Install Browning extended ambidextrous thumb safety $65

Hammers & Triggers

  • Install 1911 Style Match trigger (trigger job not included) $35
  • Bob hammer ( remove hammer spur, semi-auto pistols) $45
  • Install match sear (trigger job not included) $55
  • Install hammer (drop-in, trigger job not included) $35

Pistol Slides

(Parts and finishing not included)

  • Add front serrations (match rear serrations) $135
  • Lower and flair ejection port $65-$95
  • Tune extractor $30
  • Polish breech face $30
  • Fit new slide to frame (does not include barrel fitting) $150

Barrels & Bushings

  • Thread barrel for suppressor (sure charge applies for metric, left hand and non-standard thread configurations) $135
  • Thread barrel for suppressor (thread protector included) $175
  • Ruger .22 barrel package – cut and thread barrel, re-locate front sight to suit $195
  • Cut barrel, face and cut crown (sight installation not included) $95 Re-crown barrel $45
  • Throat barrel and polish feed ram $75
  • Install & chamber match grade barrel and matching bushing (1911) $150
  • Install and chamber match grade barrel (1911 bull barrel, Glock, DX, Browning) $95
  • Install drop in barrel (minor fitting required, bushing fitting not included) $35
  • Install solid match barrel busing $75
  • Install Briley spherical bushing $75
  • Install drop-in barrel bushing (minor fitting required) $35

Pistol Frames

(Parts and finishing not included)

  • Bobtail 1911 conversion (parts not included) $150
  • Bevel magazine well $75
  • Install and blend Smith and Alexander 1911 mag well $95
  • Install ejector $35
  • Install magazine catch $25
  • Install slide stop with added detent $35
  • Stake plunger tube $55
  • Stake grip bushings (Each) $30
  • Drill and tap frame for grip bushings $35
  • Install grip bushings standard, slim or oversized $45-$65
  • Install mainspring housing (if fitting required) $45

Revolver Specific Work

(Metal finishing not included)

  • Smooth action, tune trigger, tune hammer/sear engagement (single or double action revolver, includes spring kit) $125
  • Smooth trigger operation only $75
  • Radius cylinder charge holes (for speed loader) $55
  • Polish chambers (for improved extraction) $45
  • Re-crown barrel $45
  • Re- cut forcing cone $45
  • Cut barrel, face and cut crown (sight installation included) $150
  • Bob hammer and polish (double action only conversion) $95
  • Round, radius & polish trigger face $75
  • Correct timing (S&W only), includes supply & fitting new hand $125
  • Remove end shake and excessive headspace $85
  • Replace S&W rear sight blade ( part not included) $35
  • Set barrel back one turn, adjust barrel/cylinder gap, re-cut forcing cone $200

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