Standard Rates

General Firearm Services

Lead times and prices subject to change without notice.

  • Minimum Lathe / Mill machining fee $45
  • Function check / Safety inspection (test fire not included) $25
  • Function check / Safety inspection – machine gun or 50BMG (test fire not included) $35
  • Function check / Safety inspection with test fire (Excluding Machine gun or 50BMG, does not include Cleaning) $25-75
  • Test fire for function (no sight in) $35 Test fire for function, machine gun $55
  • Test fire and sight in (maximum of 35 yards) $45
  • Bore sight firearm (no live fire) $15
  • Ultra sonic Clean – complete detail strip, ultrasonic lube parts inspection and reassemble $50
  • Ultra sonic Clean – Machine guns, ‘Heavily accessorized’ AR-15, .50 BMG rifles, double barrel shotguns and rusted guns $75
  • Pro Clean – Heavily rusted guns ($150 Minimum, prepaid) Shop rate
  • Reassemble Guns from parts, minimum charge $50
  • Remove stuck bullet from barrel (per Bullet) or stuck casing from chamber $25
  • Warranty return to manufacturer if firearm is not purchased here (plus shipping and insurance) $varies
  • Assemble AR lower (does not include stock installation) $65
  • Assemble AR Upper (does not include barrel or fore end) $45


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