Mon: closed, Tues – Wed 10am –6pm, Thurs – Sat 10am – 8pm, Sun 11am – 5pm
Last call for renting a lane on the range is ONE HOUR prior to close.

Time on our range is priced a la carte, so depending upon your needs total price will vary.

One hour lane/range time for one person$15.99*
Guest fee (share lane with another person)$8.99**
Eyes and ears rental$4.99*
Eyes rental$1.99
Ears rental$2.99
Targetsvaries ($0.35 – $1.49)**
Firearm rental$15.00**

Addiotionally, we offer many range specials that may reduce overall cost.

*FREE for paid members

** DISCOUNTED for paid members

We offer a discounted membership for military and law enforcement.

Additionally, we offer ONE HOUR of FREE RANGE TIME every Thursday to all military, law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel with valid government issued identification.  

Yes, we have the LARGEST selection of firearm rentals in SWFL!   

Check out all our RENTALS

We offer several memberships to fit your needs, whether it is for an individual, family, or corporate.  These can be paid annually or monthly.

Additionally, we offer a discounted membership to military, law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel. 

No.  For your safety, eye and ear protection MUST be worn on all our ranges. You are welcome to bring your own or rent or purchase as set from us.  

No.  You may bring your own targets or purchase any of the many varieties we offer.  

A person MUST be at least 12 years of age AND MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by an adult AT ALL TIMES.  The adult MUST include the child on their range waiver.

A person MUST be at least 21 years old to rent a firearm.  Ages 18 and older can rent a lane and bring their own firearm and ammunition.

We recommend you wear clothing that protects your neck area, feet, and legs.  We don’t recommend low-cut tops, open-toe shoes/sandals or shorts.

We require all people on the range to have a legal ID which will be retained while customers are shooting.

On our 1st floor range you can shoot handgun calibers up to .44 Magnum. On our upstairs Presidential Club range, the maximum caliber is 30-06.

Rifles can only be used on the downstairs range if they are chambered in pistol caliber (22LR, 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 etc).  Rifle calibers are permitted ONLY upstairs on the Presidential Club range.  30-06 is the maximum caliber upstairs.

Yes, frangible ammo is permitted.

Yes, as long as the bullets are lead core or frangible.

Yes, but we do NOT allow reloaded ammo, steel-core, or incendiary ammo.  If you rent a firearm you must use our ammo only.

No, shotguns are not permitted on the downstairs range.  They are ONLY permitted upstairs on the Presidential Club range.  #4 BUCK is the smallest shot allowed.

No, shotgun ammunition of any type is not allowed on the downstairs range.

Round BBs are prohibited on any Alamo range; however, pellet ammunition is permitted.

No, holster draw is PROHIBITED at the Alamo for insurance and safety reasons.

You do not need a Concealed Carry Weapons License (CCWL) to transport or keep a handgun in your vehicle.  If you don’t have a CCWL the handgun must be “securely encased” as defined by Florida Statute 790.001 (17) The gun cannot be on your person unless you have a CCWL.  Upon arrival to the Alamo, we ask that all customers have their firearms in a case or gun bag.  We do not permit customers to open carry in the store.

Yes, as long as the caliber requirements are followed, however you will be charged for the regular range fee for the hour.

We offer a full-auto experience packages. We currently have an HK MP5 and an UZI.

Yes, we have several pistol caliber platforms available for rent.  Go to our RENTALS menu under RANGE for more info.

Yes, we have an inhouse armorer.  Go to our ARMORY menu for more information.

Yes, go to our GUNSMITHING menu for more information

No, customers are prohibited from openly carrying firearms in the store unless they are law enforcement officers displaying a badge.

Yes, we can.  Go to our GUNSMITHING menu for more information.


Yes, we offer private instruction, and The Alamo has a large a large selection of classes through our Training Academy.

Yes, some of our courses are conducted offsite. Check out our courses.

Yes, Florida issues resident and non-resident permits.

Yes, however we have a limited roster of guest instructors.  You can inquire about applying to be a guest instructor at: training@alamorange.com

Yes, we offer youth classes though our training academy.  Check it out under classes.


Under certain circumstances you can, however it’s best to speak with one of our compliance specialists personally.  Please contact us at info@alamorange.com

Yes, we have a massive selection of firearms, accessories, and products for sale online.  Check it out!

Yes, the price has to be over $500, with 25% down, paid off in 60 days.

If you don’t have a CCWL the waiting period for possession of ANY purchased firearm is 3 BUSINESS DAYS.  For customers from Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward counties, the hold is 5 business days.  With a CCWL there is no waiting period and you may take possession immediately upon purchase & background check clearance.

Yes, classrooms are available to rent for private events.

Yes, private events can be arranged through our concierge.  Please inquire at: concierge@alamorange.com

Yes, we do purchase functional firearms. Please contact our sales department for more details (239) 593-0232. ***We do not purchase black powder guns

As required by law, 30 days from the date we purchased the firearm.  Your sales consultant will advise of the date you can accept delivery


Yes, please see our detailed fee breakdown under our TRANSFERS menu.

Yes, with proper documentation/identification.

$25 for a member and $45 for a non-member (includes $5 background check fee)

Storage fees apply after 30 days unless other arrangements have been made with the transfer agent.

All sales of firearms new or used are final.

A: No, the firearm must be in the Alamo’s possession before you to fill out the paperwork.